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my joy list February 21, 2014

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it is harder to start this list than I thought it would be.  Immediately all of the ‘usual’ things come to mind, things I am thankful for but are very expected, i.e. God, family, church, health etc.  I am no less thankful for these things but they feel so very overdone, expected.  As if by putting them down on my list I am being trite and repetitive but if I leave them off I will be judged.  Ha!  Who is going to read and judge me?  I will add them to my list now because I feel I should.  My list wouldn’t be complete without including them.  And I will add them again when I feel the deep thankfulness that God inspires in me.

1. God

2. Family

3. Church

4. Health

5. Family nearby!  Bryon and Eli and their families being home.  Molly and Noelle here too <3 I can see them on a regular basis and I love it!

6. Beautiful Sunshine on a late February day.  Today spring feels like it is on its way!


7. Sunday afternoons with Bryon’s family, Eli’s family and Noelle,  just wish Molly was here too

8. Molly’s new job with degage

9. Bedtime

10. audio booksl


11.  Darryl

12. Bryon

13.  Eli

14. Molly

15. Noelle

16. Ashton

17. Silvi

18. Roy

19. Lilli

20. Luci

21. Lena

22. Elle

23.  Dad

24. Mom

25. Sarah Davis

26. Connie Smith

27. Aunt Mary

28. Aunt Lenora

29. Aunt Bertha

30. Grandma Lottie

31.  Joseph Smith Jr.

32. Benjamin and Sophia Austen, found the restored gospel

33.  Joseph Smith III

34. Edmund C. Briggs

35.  George Washington and the Founding Fathers

36.  Abraham Lincoln

37.  Jane Austen





1000 blessings

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I have been reading a book called 1000 gifts and while I don’t totally love the writing style (way too many ‘artistic’ comparisons, similes, etc.  There are some beautiful phrases but they get lost in all of the other ‘beautiful phrases’)  I do love the message which is quite simple and easy to understand.  Joy comes from Thankfulness.   I like it when God reminds me of something that He has been trying to teach me in the past and this reminder was needed.  When we stop and count our blessings how can we be anything except uplifted?  The author talks about how someone sent her an email challenging her to list 1000 things she was thankful for so she got a notebook and started.  She even carried duplicate notebooks around with her.  She mentioned at one point that it felt like the process was a little childish but then felt like it was taking baby steps to get her where she needed to be.  Over all while reading the book was a struggle I would try to slog through again to glean more of the important message buried within.  I also have decided to try making my own list and so I don’t lose this list (I have to face it, I  know I would lose track of where I had set it down) I will try keeping my list here on my long neglected blog.  I am not promising to go to 1000 but I am going to start!


bryon November 15, 2012

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why do I feel like crying?

why do I feel like i’m bleeding inside?

I am missing you


HOPE August 16, 2012

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what is hope?  Why do we hope?  Why do I continue to hope?  How long can I and should I continue to hope?


Hope is a gift.  Without Hope how could we begin to carry on, slogging through a life filled with difficulties and heartaches.  Hope leads me to believe that things will get better, that situations will improve.  To be precise I think it is more than Hope.  I think it is actually called Faith.  Faith is the belief in things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  The Book of Mormon talks quite a bit about Hope, actually faith.  Alma 16: all pretty much.  I know that my patriarchal blessing tells me not to worry about my kids, that God has them in the palm of His hands.  I sometimes struggle with remembering that, but even more I struggle with fighting against discouragement.  Discouragement is the opposite of Hope.  Instead of a belief that things will come out all right in the end discouragement leads me to believe things will never be made right, never be how they should be.  I am also told in my patriarchal blessing that one of satans’ greatest tools against me is discouragement.  It is good that God shared this information with me, because I can sometimes recognize this spirit of discouragement and try to instead focus on things that build a spirit of Hope and Faith.  I need to look for the beautiful and look for the right.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  I need to read the Book of Mormon again! :)


GRACE May 7, 2012

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in Darryl’s sermon yesterday he said that we often think that when we sin we fall from grace. He stated that instead of falling from grace we fall into grace. The grace of God saves us from our sin. I needed to hear that.


encouragement. March 18, 2012

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Don’t give up. Don’t quit. No matter how bad it is there are others who have gone further and suffered more and they stand as shining examples to us, to encourage us to endure.

Elder Todd Smith
Sermon at Oak Grove Restoration Branch


confused February 28, 2012

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i am very confused and hurt by the choices molly is making.  how can she truly think that it is okay to smoke drink and get high?  what in her teaching or background ever taught her that?  I just pray that God will deliver her from this.  I don’t think I can lose another child to the ways of the world.



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